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College Kit

Peace of Mind for Every College-bound Family

The College Kit is a set of documents that every parent needs when their kids go to college. It is important because as a parent you are not legally entitled to automatically speak with your adult kids’ doctors or make healthcare decisions or have access to their bank accounts.

The College Kit enables a parent to speak with a doctor or hospital staff if something were to happen to your child and make financial decisions on their behalf. Being able to make financial decisions includes having access to the school’s transcripts, which the parent is normally not privy to having access.

The cost is a very reasonable $350 for the set of documents.

The Healthcare Surrogate, or Healthcare Power of Attorney, enables the person you appoint to make healthcare decisions for you when you are not able to. For instance, if you end up at the intensive care unit at the hospital, you would be unable to make your own healthcare decisions. Without this document in place, the hospital staff and doctors would make those decisions for you.

Simply download the intake form provided, fill it out and submit via email or fax to online@markhoffpa.com or 786.364.1219.

Payments can easily be made online.