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How to Open a Formal Probate Estate in Florida

Did you know that Florida has a streamlined probate process? It’s referred to as “Summary Administration.” Summary Administration, Florida’s streamlined probate process, may be used when an estate is valued at less than $75,000 or when an estate’s decedents have been deceased for over two years. Estates that do not qualify for Summary Administration must follow the lengthier probate court-supervised process referred to as “Formal Administration.” In some states, graduated probate filing fees based on the value of the estate are collected, but Florida sticks to a flat $400 fee for each estate filing for formal probate. If you need to open...

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Estate Planning for Families with Special Needs Children

Families who have special needs children have to take extra care when creating their estate plans. Regardless of whether their special needs child is a minor or an adult, it is critical that they consider the possibility of the child’s needs now and in the future. Will the child need to receive needs-based public benefits such as SSI or Medicaid? Will they have what they need and still be able to qualify? Estate planning considerations for a special needs child will depend on the child’s age, their level of competency, the family, and other considerations. The goal is simple: to use...

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