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Advanced Directives

I had a conversation with a potential client last week regarding the issue of Advanced Directives. Specifically, the potential client was telling me that he can make his intentions known through his Will, so my services would not be needed. As much as I tried to explain that it does not quite work like that, the potential client would not accept the reality of the situation. Then the Miami Hospital staff was confronted with a very unique circumstance when someone had tattooed their intentions on their chest!!  Unfortunately that is NOT the proper method of having Advanced Directives, and thus the...

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Complete and Truthful Disclosure

Something interesting happened this week while discussing an estate plan for a client with adult children. The conversation was focused on how to divide the estate and distribute to the children. The client began the conversation with the statement that all of his adult children and doing very well with well established careers and good earnings. About an hour into the conversation it became apparent that one child could not keep a job for more than 8 months and he does not earn enough to support his family. The point of relating this story is that when you sit with your...

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